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The Po Delta is characterized by an extraordinary ornithological heritage with over 370 species of aquatic, resident, migratory, and passage birds which can be observed in any corner of the territory.

Via delle Valli Sud [4]
Large lagoons where you can sight thousands of ducks, stilts, and mud-dwelling birds in any season. The stretch from Porto Levante to Po di Maistra is equipped with sighting towers and observation points.

Oasi di Ca' Mello [7)
Managed by Veneto Agricoltura, it is equipped with a sighting tower. The Bearded Tit can be seen in this area.

Valle Canelle [2]
At the crossroads between the SP road of Rosolina Mare and Via delle Valli, on the right, there is a heronry with Purple and Grey Herons. If you go along Via delle Valli - beginning not far from there - in summer you can sight Greater Flamingos.

Po di Maistra [4]
This river, which was the main branch in ancient times, is considered the most spectacular branch of the Po Delta for the richness and variety of the avifauna populating it and for the presence of an extraordinary riparian arboreal heritage.









Censuses of Ducks and Ichthyophagous Birds in the Po Delta

Censuses have been entrusted from the Province of Rovigo and Veneto Agricoltura to Associazione Faunisti Veneti, expert in the field of wildlife research.
Lagoons and branches of the river Po are thoroughly eyed with telescopes and binoculars. About 30 operators are working contemporaneously in different sites. Censuses regard ducks and cormorants, herons and mud-dwelling birds, seagulls and birds of prey. That is, all the multicolored and squawking world of birds of our wetlands. Moreover, the most important areas are monitored also with the use of boats. In some cases, the areas have also been overflown with a small aircraft, thanks to the collaboration with the Provincial Police and Ente produttori di selvaggina (Authority of Game Producers).
The quantity of species and individuals recorded in the Delta of Veneto is striking. In winter there are over 130,000 birds, most of which is also represented by species of interest for hunters. Among these, the Wigeon must be mentioned. There are also particularly rare species or species which are considered original by scientific literature. For instance, the Flamingo, the Spoonbill, the Avocet, or the Bittern and the Ferruginous Duck.
This huge quantity of birds has been attracted by the complexity and beauty of the Delta, a natural theater offering diversified environments and great nourishment opportunities. Of course, lagoons play the most important role in attracting aquatic birds. However, a large number of ducks also populate the Po flood plains and the coast in front of the sandbars.

The Delta

Parco del DeltaThe river Po, called the “gentle giant”, is the longest river in Italy. With its 650 km (about 400 miles), it runs through the Po Plain and flows into the Adriatic Sea, forming a delta and one of the largest wetlands in Europe and in the Mediterranean Sea.


Experiencing the Delta

Vivere il DeltaThe Po Delta is a wonderful land, most of which is still unknown. It should be experienced by walking slowly across it, discovering the gentleness of its landscape, the warm and rough welcome of the fishing lodges, the emotion of the boat bridges, the mystery of the thick canebrakes, the wide horizons, the activity in the fishing lagoons and in the vegetable gardens, the charm of the mouth and of the sandbars, strips of very thin sand following the seashore.


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