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The Po Delta is an area of extraordinary natural, historical, and geological interest.
Seven river branches open like a fan and form the so-called "Active Delta", rich in different environments (Landscape) each of them characterized by its own flora and fauna and changing in aspect season after season (Flora/Fauna).
In association with the operator "Navigazione Marino Cacciatori" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - , the Park Authority suggests for the current year river itineraries along all the branches of the river Po:ESCURSIONE NAUTICA SUL FIUME comp

Scano Boa and the navigation among lagoons and canebrakes

On Sundays, from March to October, with boarding in Pila at 3.00 p.m., let's discover Scano Boa between the lagoon and the sea: it is the borderland between man and nature, where the one and only human sign is represented by the fishermen's huts surrounded by a wonderful, wild, and untouched environment where you can sight several birds, from the Oystercatcher to the wonderful Shelduck, a very particular duck species widespread in these places.
Info: 0426/380314 - 334/7035765

Po di Maistra and Cà Pisani Flood Plain

On Saturday afternoons from 17th April to 26th September, with boarding from Cà Tiepolo at 3.00 p.m., guided tour lasting about two hours along the most natural and wild branch of the river Po. After navigating along Po di Venezia up to the inlet of Po di Maistra, we will continue our tour along this narrow branch, among the luxuriant flood plains characterized by willows, poplars, and Indigo bush to reach Cà Pisani flood plain, where we will carried out a guided visit in this protected area, a paradise for bird watchers, in the past fishing lagoon and hunting area, now kept by the Forest Service and managed by the Park Authority. During the return journey, short tour near the heronry, not to disturb the nesting activities.
Info: 0426/380314 - 334/7035765

Po di Venezia and its Buse

On Sunday mornings from 17th April to 27th September, with boarding from Cà Tiepolo at 10.00 a.m., navigation along Po di Venezia, the main branch becoming then Po di Pila, and branches off in three mouths: Busa di Scirocco, Busa di Tramontana, and Busa Dritta. It is a complete itinerary with visit to the river basins, sandbars, lagoons, and large canebrakes rich in birds: seagulls, herons, and Eurasian Oystercatchers.
Info: 0426/380314 - 334/7035765

Navigation along Po di Goro


Bike and Boat toward West;

14 May, 21 June, *19 July, *16 August and 20 September

Knowing the past through the  land reclamation history;

11,18 e 25 may, 8,15,22 e 29 June, 31 August e 14,21 e 28 September

Bike and Boat toward the sea

4 May, 1 June, *6 July, *3 August, 7 September e 4 October

Info: 0426/380314 - 345 2518596


Barricata and the small bays adjacent to Po di Tolle mouth

On Wednesday mornings from 26th June to 2nd September, boarding from Porto Barricata, navigation up to the mouth of Po di Tolle, Sacca di Scardovari, and the lagoons of Busa del Bastimento, a territory always subject to changes thanks to the meeting/clash between the river and the sea.
Info: 0426/380314, 334/7035765

From May to September in Taglio di Po

On Sundays from May to September, with boarding from Taglio di Po at 9.30 a.m. or from Cà Tiepolo at 10.30 a.m., we will lead you to Delta Po Park, a unique occasion to spend one day in an untouched natural environment. The slow navigation along the Po Delta will give the opportunity to get surrounded by the green marshy vegetation, where flora and fauna dominate. You will sight several Grey and Purple Herons, Common Buzzards, Hawks, Ducks, Black-winged Stilts, Common Shelducks; over one thousand species in a unique setting.

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to taste fine dishes prepared on board, while listening to the explanations of the Tour Guides.

For information and bookings: Tel. 049/8700232 - 335/8167123 - Fax 049/760833 - E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From June to 3rd September in Rosolina Mare

On Tuesdays, tours by bike with departure from the IAT office in Viale dei Pini at 9.00 a.m.: the bank of the river Adige up to Via delle Valli, the panoramic road developing between Caleri lagoon and the fishing lagoons.

Guided tour by coach with departure at 2.45 p.m. from Piazzale Europa to Rosolina mare, Cà Vendramin Land Reclamation Museum, and panoramic tour of Sacca di Scardovari.

On Thursdays, guided tour by boat, meeting and boarding at 3.30 p.m. at Porto Caleri mooring place, we will follow the bank of Via delle Valli and reach Albarella, characterized by a unique landscape made of beaches, lagoons, and shoals. It will be possible to observe the local avifauna consisting of cormorants, woodcocks, and black-winged stilts.
Moreover, opportunity to carry out free tours to Caleri lagoon and Scano Boa island; for further information, please contact the IAT office in Rosolina Mare 0426/68012 or 0426/380314.

Recreational Fishing

On board of small boats we will enter the canebrakes and lagoons and practice a new form of tourism. Fishing, stopping in the so-called "cavane", that is characteristic fishermen's huts, eating the fish, and living a wonderful experience at direct contact with nature. For info: 0426/389316 348/2848885


The Delta

Parco del DeltaThe river Po, called the “gentle giant”, is the longest river in Italy. With its 650 km (about 400 miles), it runs through the Po Plain and flows into the Adriatic Sea, forming a delta and one of the largest wetlands in Europe and in the Mediterranean Sea.


Experiencing the Delta

Vivere il DeltaThe Po Delta is a wonderful land, most of which is still unknown. It should be experienced by walking slowly across it, discovering the gentleness of its landscape, the warm and rough welcome of the fishing lodges, the emotion of the boat bridges, the mystery of the thick canebrakes, the wide horizons, the activity in the fishing lagoons and in the vegetable gardens, the charm of the mouth and of the sandbars, strips of very thin sand following the seashore.


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