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Vivere il DeltaVivere il DeltaSports and non-sports activities in the Po Delta Park are many, and they are all linked to slow tourism. By bike, by boat, by canoe, or on foot, it is possible to carry out tours and better discover the protected areas of the Park.


Accommodation Services

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.The cuisine of Polesine is simple and genuine, and uses the products of the territory: fish, vegetables (in particular, we must mention red lettuce, salad, and pumpkin), rice, pork ("Bondola" is a typical sausage), and shellfish.


The Logo

The Po Delta Profile

Il Logo

The logo of Parco Regionale Veneto del Delta del Poencloses all the projects of environmental and economic enhancement of the area.

The Po Delta stretches out in the Adriatic Sea as a triangle whose axis coincides with the central branch of Po di Venezia, exactly on the 45th parallel - which is the same one of Turin - and whose sides run in the north along the river Adige and in the south along Po di Goro.
The identity of the Po Delta is represented by its geographical definition: the well-known characteristic protrusion of the upper part of the Italian boot.

Such profile represents both the landscape created by the river sedimentation and the work of man, who has controlled the waters and drained the land during the centuries.

Therefore, the territory becomes the symbol of the Park and represents the role of the homonymous Authority which, in accordance with its establishment law, is committed both to defend the natural environment and promote all compatible economic activities developing in the area.

In other words, the unquestionably unique shape of the Po Delta represents the features of a unique landscape of land and water and the strength of a lively economy obtaining fine vegetable and fruit products from the dune strip, rice and other cereals from land reclamation, fish and mussels going all around the world from the lagoons, and a tourism based on the respect for the environment from the beaches, woodlands, and the gentleness of the landscape.


Prime iniziative nel Parco per il 2018

mare d inverno2

Il Forum è terminato ma ritornerà

32Il Forum mondiale dei giovani delle riserve di biosfera è terminato ma con la promessa da parte di Philippe Pypaert di un nuovo Forum ristretto alle sole biosfere italiane, ancora nel Parco del Delta del Po. Se vuoi rivivere alcuni dei momenti guarda la gallery sul profilo facebook del Parco, ma anche l'emozionante dichiarazione dei delegati alla cerimonia di chiusura o i video di convivialità, delle loro impressioni e il servizio che il Tg2 ha dedicato al Forum


Summer excursions 2017 in the Po Delta Park

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Escursioni Rosolina mare 2017 ENG DEU1 Escursioni Rosolina mare 2017 ENG DEU2

Il brand “Biosfera Delta Po”: disponibili sul sito i moduli per la richiesta

fbc9658f-6966-4619-bfa5-eddf5db35ff4Il 17 maggio 2017 il Gruppo di coordinamento MaB Unesco Delta del Po ha approvato la nuova brand identity ufficiale “Biosfera Delta Po”, le linee guida per la sua utilizzazione ed il Piano di Comunicazione triennale della Biosfera Delta PoIl brand “Biosfera Delta Po” è un potente strumento per promuovere l’attrattiva del Delta del Po. Esso intende comunicare il concetto di «tutela» non come «cappa» di vincoli su di un territorio, ma come valorizzazione di un’area di pregio pulsante di attività dell’uomo: agricoltura, agroalimentare, prodotti tipici, cultura enogastronomica, pesca e caccia, che si sono storicamente specializzate nello straordinario contesto del Delta del Po e che oggi sono, assieme agli aspetti naturali, elementi di attrazione di significativi flussi di turismo sostenibile. Read more...

The Mab Youth Forum in the Po Delta Park

forumThe Forum will take place from 18 to 23 September 2017 in the heart of the Biosphere Reserve of the Po Delta. The Forum is conceived as an event that will provide young people with a unique opportunity to meet, debate and share their vision and commitment to sustainable development. It aims to become a place where strategies and action proposals can be discussed and implemented in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The Forum is addressed to youth aged between 18 and 35, who live or work in Biosphere Reserves, or who study or conduct research in these areasThe provisional programme

The Delta

Parco del DeltaThe river Po, called the “gentle giant”, is the longest river in Italy. With its 650 km (about 400 miles), it runs through the Po Plain and flows into the Adriatic Sea, forming a delta and one of the largest wetlands in Europe and in the Mediterranean Sea.


Experiencing the Delta

Vivere il DeltaThe Po Delta is a wonderful land, most of which is still unknown. It should be experienced by walking slowly across it, discovering the gentleness of its landscape, the warm and rough welcome of the fishing lodges, the emotion of the boat bridges, the mystery of the thick canebrakes, the wide horizons, the activity in the fishing lagoons and in the vegetable gardens, the charm of the mouth and of the sandbars, strips of very thin sand following the seashore.


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